Corporate Video

Making Your Vision a Reality

Explore Jake’s latest work from recent commercial shoots from all across East Tennessee. Then, contact us to discuss your project!

Here are a few of our recent

Corporate Video Projects

Knoxville Real-Estate Conference Event | Knoxville, TN

Hosted by Our Home of eXp Realty, JS Production covered an exciting Conference Event for real-estate agents in East Tennessee. We interviewed the main speakers as well as the attendees about their experience at this regional event.

Rocky Top Rally | University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN

Above the Rest Balloons participated in Knoxville’s, University of Tennessee’s (UTK) Rocking Top Rally. JS Productions captured an epic balloon drop that kicked off the new school year for UT’s freshman class!

Whaling Fire Line Equipment: Command Access Vehicle

Whaling Fire Line Equipment produces quality tools that gives ease and sufficiency for fire departments across the nation. This commercial helped sell multiple Command Access Vehicles nation wide!

Lake Haven Cabin Resort | Sevierville, TN

Working with Lake Haven Cabin’s allowed our videography team to work in challenging but exciting environments that displayed some of the key features of the resort. No matter the terrain, our team is committed to capturing the perfect shot for your videography needs!

Cookie Dough Bliss | Gatlinburg, TN

We created a short and sweet 15 second commercial displaying some of the delicious treats at Cookie Dough Bliss. JS Productions can incorporate any product into an exciting commercial at any advertising length.

Ott DeFoe - JOJ Series

For over 2 years, JS Productions has had the privilege to work with the Pro Angler, Ott DeFoe. Producing content for his YouTube channel, we have been able to watch his channel grow and reach over 37,000 subscribers.

Animal Sun Promotional Video | Hollywood, CA

We love working with creative groups to help showcase their work. Whether its music videos or coverage at a show, we have all the experience to provide quality content as your event videographer!

Graduation Balloons | Knoxville, TN

As an event videography team, we love covering exciting events in our local community. Above the Rest Balloons put together a beautiful display of balloons to congratulate all the graduating seniors at Farragut High School.


Corporate Videography is a high-quality video service that helps companies deliver a captivating message to an audience they are looking to market to. This can consist of training, testimonial, brand, or event videos that can help share what the company is all about in a visual way.

Jake Shick Productions works closely with our corporate clients to ensure their vision and message is made clear in a captivating way. 

Yes! While most of our corporate videography services are done in Knoxville, we are always willing to travel the distance to film your corporate video.

Additional fees may be necessary depending on the distance.

We do offer aerial videography to our corporate clients looking to enhance their videos cinematically.

Providing both a sharp and stunning image at 5k resolution, Jake Shick Productions owns 2 DJI drones that captures breath-taking images from the sky.

Jake Shick Productions does not offer services to design logos, however, we would be happy to refer our corporate clients to a phenomenal graphic designer that does.

Jake Shick Productions only animates or creates graphics based off the already designed logo our corporate client provides to us. 

To ensure Jake Shick Productions makes our client’s vision a reality, we go through a 3 stage-process. Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production.

During the pre-production stage, our team will work closely with our client ensure we understand the goals and vision of the video. This is also the time in which we outline the scenes we plan to film.

After that, we enter the production stage in which we film all the scenes we’ve already discussed and plan to use in post-production.

Once we enter post-production, our team will then begin editing drafts of the video for our client to view. This is where the video comes alive with the music and graphic animations we make for the final product.

Each stage is meant to ensure our client’s vision becomes a reality.

With technology constantly changing, we strive to stay ahead of the game by delivering all of our Real-Estate content digitally with a download link. This quick process makes it easy on our clients to download their content no matter where they are.

Unlike with our other videography services, corporate videography can range in pricing depending on the complexity of the project.

If you would like to get an estimate for a specific project, feel free to contact us at

Yes! While no one wants to think of something bad happening during production, we have gone through the extra safety measures needed to take care of our corporate clients in the event anything happens. We are insured with Allstate.